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So, What’s Wrong With the Traditional Web Development Process?

The problem with this approach is that it takes between 3-6 months to launch a site. Plus, it can cost anywhere from $15-50K (or more), with a substantial portion paid upfront.

A seemingly innocuous design change can cause the entire launch to run behind schedule and over budget, and there’s no guarantee on the performance results of your new site.

What’s more, using the traditional web design process, you’ll typically have to redesign the site again every 2-3 years as the content and technology decays and the cycle repeats.

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Modular Web Design: An Alternative Approach

A more modern way to approach website development, however, uses a concept called modular design (or atomic design as it’s sometimes known).

Modular design has revolutionized the way websites are built. The process involves creating a flexible system of standalone, reusable components as opposed to a static collection of pages.

The system of components is essentially a library of modules that can be mixed and matched, and used and repurposed to accommodate new content as required.

Think of modules as building blocks which can be arranged to fit into a rectangular grid pattern on a web page. For example, you could have modules for navigation, hero images, content blocks, photo galleries, etc.

The way you arrange modules to create new pages is entirely up to you.

But as your content needs evolve, you can adapt the existing modules in your library or build completely new ones as required.

Modular Design Is Not A Template

Modular design is not a set of templates.

Page templates, by their very nature, are rigid in design and difficult to customize. You can’t easily move parts of a template around.

Modular design breaks templates into pieces that can be easily moved around or added and removed as needed.

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Undeniable fact every business needs a website

The world is changing, so do our everyday personal and working needs. In today's world, regardless of industry, any business needs to evince its online presence, as it can have a massive impact on its success. Some businesses still don’t realize that a majority of  their customers will visit their website before making a purchase. Having a strong online presence, particularly a website, can break more revenue. Of course, the quality of your website impacts results, but the main point of this blog is to emphasize the importance of having a website. So, why do you need a website and how can you be sure it’ll convert those shoppers into buyers? Let's get the answers! 

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Linux vs. Windows Server

When it comes to choosing the right operating system platform for your business, you have two major options to consider: Linux and Windows Server. Both operating systems have their own unique features, advantages, and disadvantages. In this blog post, we'll explore the differences between Linux and Windows Server, and help you decide which one is the better choice for your business.

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The Manifest Names Rocket Systems As One of The Most Reviewed Mobile App Developers in Armenia

The Manifest Names Rocket Systems As One of The Most Reviewed Mobile App Developers in Armenia Apps are one of the technologies that have truly changed how the world works. Businesses now have to carefully think about how they interact with their audience. Strategies, platforms, techniques, tools, as well as all manner of things they never even thought of considering just over a decade ago. This is why we’re incredibly proud to be one of the many talented teams helping these businesses take their brands to the next level. What makes us happy though is that these efforts are being reciprocated. This is because we were recently included in a list of the most reviewed mobile app developers by The Manifest. The Manifest is a B2B news site that helps companies find and connect with specialized vendors who have the skills to complete ongoing or upcoming projects. They’re able to do this by combining their feedback-based review system with customer service-focused awards. This means that when a company is included in one of The Manifest’s lists they are one of the select few to impress their clients more than the rest of the industry. This system is helping even the playing field for SMEs against more established brands with large marketing budgets. Being recognized by the very people we worked for means the world to us. This is why we wanted to take this opportunity to properly thank our clients and partners for all their help in getting us to where we are today. The effort and initiative they showed through the reviews they published are the biggest driving force in our success. We will continue to rely on them to point us in the right direction and continue our growth. If you want to learn more about Rocket Systems, feel free to browse the rest of our website. If there’s anything there you would like to see on your own operations, don’t hesitate to contact us at your earliest convenience. We look forward to working with you soon.