Rocket Systems has become an official partner of RA High Tech Ministry

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Rocket Systems has become an official partner of RA High Tech Ministry by powering innovation and progress in Armenia.

The "Neruzh 4.0" diaspora technology startups program, held in Dilijan on August 23-28 at the initiative of the RA Ministry of High-Tech Industry, has ended. On August 27, the official closing ceremony of the event took place, during which the winners of the program were announced.

RA Deputy Minister of High-tech Industry Davit Sahakyan welcomed the participants of the "Energy 4.0" program for their desire to repatriate, to establish a company and to work in Armenia. He congratulated the winning teams and thanked all partners for supporting the project. And the deputy minister urged the teams that did not take prize places not to be disappointed, but to make efforts to realize their technological and business potential.

Mkhitar Hayrapetyan, executive director of the "My Step" charitable foundation, welcomed the participants and guests of "Neruzh 4.0", recalling the history of the creation of the "Neruzh" project, the origins of which date back to 2018. He said that the basis of the program is the model of bilateral mutually beneficial cooperation between Armenia and the Diaspora. In this context, he emphasized that, in his opinion, the real good deed of the Diaspora is to establish a business working in the homeland, not just to do charity or to keep jobs in Armenia out of social responsibility, and the "Energy" program is exactly about that.

Mkhitar Hayrapetyan also clarified that this year the "My Step" Foundation did not take an active part in the program, because the RA Government and the Ministry of High-Tech Industry completely took over the leadership of "Neruzh" and successfully implemented the program.

Before the official closing ceremony of the event, the presentation (pitching) of the technological, innovative ideas and projects of the participating teams took place.

In this year's program, the winning teams, which will receive a grant to establish a startup in Armenia and implement their ideas, are determined at two levels: teams in the idea stage and teams with a product.

According to the commission's decision, "Propulsion Lab" took the 1st place among the teams in the idea stage, "Dynamica" took 2nd place, "Maestrols" took 3rd place, and "Waveye" was declared the winner from the teams with a product. Inc" company, "" took 2nd place, "OQNI" company took 3rd place.

It should also be noted that the "Starship Armenia" and "Tripanova" teams received a grant equivalent to 3,000 and 1,500 USD respectively from the "Rocket Systems" company, and the "Dynamica" and "OQNI" companies will receive consulting support from the "Saege Consultants" company. in writing a public relations strategy.

22 teams from 7 countries participated in the "Potential 4.0" program held in Dilijan on August 23-28. During the 6-day event, teams from the United States, France, Russia, Georgia, Canada, Brazil, and Germany had the opportunity to listen to industry-specific lectures, work with mentors, and make their presentations even more presentable. They also got the opportunity to expand their cooperative network, exchange knowledge and experience, and communicate with invited teams from different countries around the world.

The goal of the "Neruzh" state program launched in 2018 is to promote the professional repatriation of the Diaspora, contributing to the economic progress of Armenia and the development of the startup ecosystem. Since the start of the project, four events have been implemented: "Neruzh 1.0" in 2018, "Neruzh 2.0" in 2019, "Neruzh 3.0" in 2022. and Neruzh 4.0 in 2023.

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